Top 5 Methods Used In Carpet Cleaning Services

For the homeowners, they are not only required to search for reputable carpet cleaning companies to take care of their carpets. They are also tasked with deciding on the cleaning method that must be used on their carpets. To make it easier for the homeowners, it is highly recommended that they choose the Sydney carpet cleaner after identifying which aspects of each of the carpet cleaning methods are essential to them.

Technically, there are five types of cleaning methods to be used on carpets. They are the bonnet cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning, absorbent compound cleaning, and shampooing. However, only four of these five methods are being used up until today. The shampooing method has long been defunct. Here are the cleaning methods that are used for cleaning carpets:

#1. Bonnet Cleaning

This particular cleaning method includes spraying a cleaning solutions onto the carpet’s surface to easily breakdown the stains and soils. Rotary machines with removable bonnet or absorbent pad at the bottom are then guided over the carpet’s surface. With the absorbent pad’s spinning action, the cleaning solution will be agitated. It will then absorb the stains and soils into the microfiber pad or cotton. Once the pad is already soiled, you can replace it with a new one.

#2. Encapsulation Cleaning

This relatively new concept of carpet cleaning is best suited for temporary cleaning for the low pile carpets with a commercial grade. With this technology, special polymers and crystals literally encapsulating the soil particles upon contact are used. The solution used in this method is sprayed onto the carpet and then a special machine like vacuum cleaners used for agitating it into the carpet fibers. When the solution is already dried up, the crystals encapsulating soil particles are then formed. Routine vacuuming picks up these crystals, effectively cleaning the carpet. Even after several rounds of vacuumings, the solution will still work splendidly.

#3. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

The hot water extraction cleaning is otherwise referred to as steam cleaning. In the industry offering carpet cleaning services, hot water extraction cleaning is the widely recommended and most effective method by far. In this method, pre-vacuuming is necessary to remove the dry particulate soils. Spraying a cleaning solution onto the carpet for breaking down grease and oils come next. Both the soil and solution can then be rinsed thoroughly off of the carpet with the use of the combination of the pressurized hot water rinse and wet vacuum.

#4. Absorbent Compound Cleaning

In this particular method, there is a need to use a highly absorbent product that is already dampened with water and cleaning solvents. The said product, which oftentimes resemble a wet sawdust) will then be spread over the rug. A specialized machine will then be used to agitate the cleaning compounds into the fibers of the carpet. The compound will eventually absorb the stain. Once done, the compound will be extracted with the use of a dry vacuum machine.

#5. Shampooing

Already an obsolete method in today’s time, shampooing was popular way back in the 1970s. The method involves applying a high foaming solution into the carpet which is then worked directly into the fibers. It is quite similar to how one shampoos the hair. This cleaning method has become defunct due to the fact that heavy residues are always left behind after shampooing. It makes the carpet re-soil faster so shampooing is not a great option.