Top Criteria in Hiring a Party Caterer

Events are made or broken to a large extent by the appearance, the taste and quality of the food and beverages being served. This is why hiring the right party caterer Melbourne is important because it is obvious that a bad caterer will serve bad food, leaving a whole bunch of dissatisfied and unhappy guests. On the other hand, good food can salvage an event which seems to be headed for disaster. In addition, because catering is often the biggest item of expenditure for any event, the choice of caterer can have a significant impact on budgets.


The most important criterion for the selection of party caterers is the responsiveness and the personal interest in the needs of the customer. Many caterers will claim to have the best tasting food, the freshest ingredients and the most competitive prices but it is rare to find a caterer who will respond quickly to communication and be open to criticism and new ideas. These may seem unimportant when compared to considerations like cost, but they do demonstrate that the caterer is genuinely interested in providing solutions to the needs of the customer and ensuring that customers are pleased with the products and the services. The caterer being considered should learn as much as possible about the client during the first few discussions because he should be providing answers to questions most of the time. He should be asking questions about the purpose of the event, being objectives and the budget.

As any party caterers will readily admit, not all caterers are the same and they do better with specific kinds of events and markets even though they are competent. Even a caterer with a wonderful reputation may not be the fit for the event the customer has in mind. When speaking to caterers and the customer should speak to at least three, the customer needs to be as specific as possible about the event being planned and the kind of food and presentation which is expected. For instance, some caterers may be good at barbecues for company picnics while others work best with black tie events. Because many caterers work with a range of standard menus, they should have the flexibility to adapt these menus to the requirements of the customer by substituting items if required. They really good catering service should be prepared to create specific options to match the specific theme and the dietary needs of the guests. Special requests should also be considered, such as vegetarian or vegan meals.