Tropical Island Weekend Getaway in Australia

From a holiday or weekend fun and excitement, you can never go wrong to the South Pacific island adventure in Australia. These weekend getaway activities in Sunshine Coast will not just give you the total relaxation you need, but also get close and personal with the Mother Nature. For ultimate beach experience, here are the top 3 of the most exquisite hotspots across the pacific that will make you splash all day.


Waiheke Island, NZ

If you want sanctuary, its actually half an hour away ferry ride from Auckland. As you travel to witness the nature at its finest. As you arrive at the island of Waiheke, you will instantly the calmness that takes you over. It is a place where you can find beaches that slope down to the Gulf of Hauraki. In here, you can enjoy not just swimming but many kinds of water sports. By all means, roam in the island and appreciate the nature. You can camp, trekking, and hiking. For watersports, you can do kayaking, motorboats, and enjoy the white sand. For a total weekend getaway relaxation, you can never go wrong with body massage and spa. In here, encounter a mix of locals, tourists, artists, and international artists. You can walk around on the trail of emerald green water and try the finest wines made from New Zealand.

Ratua Private Island, Vanuatu

This eco lodge is particularly intended for the ultimate weekend getaway island experience. It is a perfect place for newly wedded couples or for the ones who are celebrating their anniversaries. It is also a fine place for families and friends to enjoy. Enjoy the accommodation of romantic villas lining to the island shore. You can have the vacation of the lifetime as you view the scenery from the balcony. Enjoy the sunset, sunrise and the bright moonlight that reflects the beach. You can also Yacht club and social hub where you can find fine drinks, lounge, and food.

Hyams Beach, NSW

The beach is known as one of the most famous white sand beach in the world. In fact, it is recognized by the Guinness world record as the whitest sand of all time. You’ll find beaches in Jervis Bay and you see lots of visitors come and go all year round. Experience the natural beauty of nature and appreciate that life is terrifically good indeed in this awesome weekend getaway. Feel the gentle shore break and hear the beach waves. It is a perfect place for relaxation and you can forget about the urban life for ones. It is a tropical island of haven and bliss.