Types of Bamboo Flooring

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If you are looking for new and stylish floors then you should get bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring is one of the famous floors that are made from the bamboo plant. Most of the bamboo flooring products comes from china and small portions of Asia. Out of all the species of bamboo, Moso bamboo is the one that is most commonly used for flooring. Many people choose bamboo flooring because it has physical similarities to true hardwood hence it’s seen as a new and alternative for flooring. Other reasons why you would prefer bamboo flooring is because of its strength, durability natural resistance to insects and moisture and it is eco-friendly. Not all bamboo flooring is the same and they are different types:

The grain types

It has three main different grain types to choose from: horizontal; vertical and lastly the strand woven bamboo wooden flooring Brisbane. This will help all buyers choose which grain type they would like as grain types have different characteristics and will suit the buyers. The reasons for choosing according to grain type is if the buyer is going to purchase will depend on its look overall that is desired

  •  The Horizontal Bamboo: its planks are being place facing horizontal direction. They are placed this way to show the growth rings and they are placed this way before being pressurized and finished.
  • Vertical Bamboo: its planks are placed facing a vertical direction. This gives a smooth look and it’s done before pressurization and finished.
  • The woven strand: this refers to planks that have been made from remaining strands of stalked trimmed away from long bamboo fillets. They are squeezed together before being pressurized and finished.

Colour Types

Bamboo flooring classified according to colour types are natural, stained, carbonized and direct print. They all have certain properties that will make the buyer to choose which one to use. Despite the colour which is chosen the quality of the bamboo floor will be the same – durability and strength.

  • Natural: these are bamboo flooring which has no colourings have been added. It is the natural colour of the bamboo which is a light blonde colour.
  • Carbonized: these are coloured due to the plant’s sugar were left to caramelize. This occurs as the bamboos were boiled for a longer period of time.
  • Tiger: this is a combination of both the carbonized and natural strips of the bamboo flooring which create a tiger pattern.
  • Stained: as the name suggests this bamboo flooring has been stained by treating the bamboo to change the colour.

Surface Texture Types

Bamboo flooring is also divided according to the surface texture. They are divided into smooth, hand scraped and hand sculpted.

  • Smooth it is made by machine and coated with several layers of sealant. This is good as it helps to leave a dust free surface.
  • Hand scraped: this is bamboo flooring that is scraped by hand to make the floor have an aged look. It is more expensive as this is done by hand.
  • Hand sculpted: it is the same as hand scraped but it gives a less distressed look.


There are many types of bamboo flooring that you can choose from to make your home or office to look elegant.