Types Of Camper Trailers

Since its use by the travelling gypsies and showmen in Europe who spent most of their time travelling and living in caravans, custom camper trailers Brisbane are used both for work and leisure and have evolved to be of different shapes and sizes to meet the different needs of people.

• Travel trailer or house trailer is a type of a camper trailer which became popular in the United States. They were originally conceptualized for touring. They come in different sizes, the smaller and lightweight ones are less than 18ft in length and weigh less than 3000lbs. Medium sized trailers are around 18 to 25ft long and weigh up to 5000lbs while large trailers are 25 to 40ft and weigh up to 12 000lbs. These trailers are more liveable and may have amenities such as beds which can be folded to become living area sets during the day, small to medium sized kitchen with electric or gas powered stove, toilet and bath, televisions, air-conditioning, and a pop-out room depending on the manufacturer. Some also have external barbecue grills built-in to them. Surely one can enjoy the comforts of a home or even a luxury condominium while touring in this kind of trailer.

• Fifth wheel trailer – is a specialized camper trailer that are towed by pick up trucks. This is often used by people who transfer a great deal of things using their pickup truck or by those that intent to live in them for a while (months in mind). This trailer can have the same amenities as the house trailer and can actually move more securely while being towed because it is hitched on the trucks rear tires. This also makes it easier to control upon towing.

• Off road trailers – is a 4×4 camper trailer. These ones are used by those who will be travelling off-road to the country, gravel roads or extreme conditions. The bigger tires of these trailer make them more sturdy and durable and able handle the rough conditions of the roads. This trailers are also known as the jeep type.

• Toy box or toy hauler trailer – this type of trailer is used mostly when the traveler needs a space to keep a large amount of things separate from his own sleeping place. This camper trailer is usually described as half living and half garage because it has a foldable back part which can be used as a garage for bikes, motors etc.

• Double decker trailer – this is a type that can be converted into a double decker during rest. It is usually used as dressing room in taping sets.