Different types Of Commercial Refrigeration

If you are currently shopping right now for a commercial refrigeration because your food catering business is about to be opened, you have to be familiar first will all your options. Yes, you have a number of options when it comes to commercial refrigeration and depending on your needs and your budget, you should be able to find one that will be just right. Commercial refrigerators and fridges come in different sizes, different styles and different brands. Thus scouting for one can be stressful if you are not definite yet which one to avail. Well, choosing will be easy if you have someone with you who is already experienced, but if you are alone, then maybe you can just tell the salesperson what is it you really want, the space you allotted for it and bulk of food you plan to store at a time.


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For assistance though, the following are some of your best options when it comes to commercial refrigeration units:

–    First is the reach-in cooler. Just by the name alone, you have to reach in to get what you want. This kind of commercial refrigeration unit is most of the time is just low to the ground with three doors.  Though you can find also one that is with two door fridges. They are most of the time stationed in the waiting area or in the bars. If you will choose this, be sure not to place this near the cooking area so that it will not have interacted with the heat from the said activity.

–    If your capital is big and you want to venture on a big restaurant right away, then you might want to try walk-in refrigerators and freezers. This type of refrigeration unit is just about the size of a room, some will create a separate room for this while others will just install this in any existing room.

–    There is also the refrigerated prep table which is really the best to serve pizza. Here, the space allotted for cutting pizzas is really spacious meant for extra large pizzas. Refrigeration units like this are equipped with drawers for pans and other ingredients also condiments.

–    Under counter, refrigeration units are also available but they are really just for small items like only those you need right away are meant to be stored here. This almost similar to reach-in refrigeration units though they shorter.

–    Then there are the refrigerated merchandisers which are meant to be situated in the front part of the restaurant. They are equipped with doors made of glass so that the items inside will be seen right away. Most of the items stored here are those perishable ones like soft drinks, fruits and many others.

There are still a number of refrigeration units that are not listed here though you can learn about them online. Just be sure that you really know about all of them so that you can get what you really want for your food business.