Types Of Plumbers

Looking for plumbers? Before getting any of their services, what you need to know is that plumbers come in many types. You would not want to get those that do not specialize your specific plumbing needs as that may service you a sub standard result. When you get them, you are expecting nothing but an accurate work, nothing else.

They come in 3 major types, these are:


The word itself explains, that these are the workers that handles plumbing works within a larger scale. They service plumbing needs of restaurants, schools, hospitals etc. They are trained to work on a more complex situation. Commercial plumbing may require to use large equipments and tools, thus they are trained to operate them to ensure that the job will be performed right with the use of the tools.

plumbing service

For those who are working commercially, they come with larger responsibility of not just plumbing construction but as well as repairs needed by different industries.

They may be hired directly by a specific institution, like hospitals, restaurants etc., they are working in house, thus only serving just one company, on the other hand, there are some connected to plumbing companies, thus giving them chance of working with many companies and different industries, thus giving them widened experience and more versatility in terms of different plumbing jobs.

Those that are hired by plumbing companies, are getting their compensation from the company they are connected with, not from the institution where they render their service.


From the word itself, these are those who are working to home plumbing construction. They specializes in smaller scale plumbing jobs. They are more likely to be contacted in home construction, renovation or additional plumbing requirements like additional lavatories, faucets etc. They usually work in an 8 hour per day environment. They have their specializations that are meant just for home plumbing construction.

These workers are not that inclined working on services, maintenance and repairs, thus the third type of plumbers are needed.

Service and repair

By the word itself, any issues in residential plumbing is something that they can do. They are being contacted by households or residential that are having issues and problems with their plumbing, like blocked drainage, toilet bowls etc.

These workers are highly skilled and versatile, as households or residences have different issues and repairs that they need service, thus making them highly capable of working on any plumbing repairs per se.