Types of Software Used for 3D Modeling Services

3D modeling services is one of the most sought after forms of graphics-related job orders as there as several industries in need of a 3-dimensional version of the project they are doing which is entirely helpful regardless of whichever side of the industry it came from be it engineering and architecture, video gaming or even web design just to name a few. 3D modeling services will make use of different software, usually depending on where it is best used for or whatever the digital artist has mastered. Here are three examples of software brands used for 3D modeling services.

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Autodesk is perhaps one of the most versatile 3D software to have ever been created and developed and indeed, is created for more than just engineering or architectural designs. Autodesk 3D has spread out in different versions which can definitely help engineers, architects and technical designers know what type of Autodesk they need from the ones that is used by graphic designers. These versions of Autodesk are known as Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Inventor just to name a few. Autodesk is indeed one of the best known software used for digital art or technical drawings.


Modo is yet another type of software which can be used for 3D modeling services but is primarily used for digital art due to the effects that a person can do with it. With Modo, a digital artist can create works of art with all the special effects the software comes in as well as perform art-related things that a person can do with it namely paint color, animate, render graphics and of course, sculpting and modeling 3-dimensional digital statutes. Despite the complexity of the design that the planned figure may come in, Modo can certainly be up to the challenge and be able to deliver it.

Rhinoceros 3D

3D modeling services may also make use of the software named after a formidable animal called the Rhinoceros. Better known as Rhinoceros 3D, Rhino is one of the most flexible software around. While it is mostly used for engineering applications such as the creation of residential, commercial and industrial plans, it can also be used for other purposes such as the designing of accessories such as jewelry and would even go as far as having to use it for rendering medical-related images. To make the Rhino an even more appreciated software, it has the ability to give the image created a photorealistic appeal which can be a big bonus especially for images that need to be presented with a grand appeal such as non-engineering designs.

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