Understanding The Connection Between Spirituality And Health

The power of spirituality is indeed great, weather we take a traditional approach that equates spirituality with religion, or we are more into the contemporary approach that lets us reach spirituality by harmonizing our mind, body and spirit and thus become spiritual beings. To come to this point, our body and spirit must be in balance. If we manage to create this balance it will provide positive results in our health and overall well-being. However, if we fail it will certainly affect our condition. This is the main principle of energy healing techniques. Our soul, spirit, mind and body are closely connected to our health. When we live according to this principle, our whole life will be improved in multiple ways. Various traditions have their own approaches to spiritual energy healing. They have created different techniques to heal using the energy within our bodies. While their practitioners differ by their approaching methods, they all share the same principle – to heal by affecting the energy field and manipulating its flow and balance. They believe that if the energy is out of balance, it will result in various undesired issues manifested in our health. Thus, the only way to improve our health is by correcting this imbalance, which is is done by stabilizing the amount and quality of the energy. This is not restricted only to our physical health. Various practitioners believe that balancing our energy will affect other aspects of our being, such as emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Some of the most known spiritual energy healing techniques are acupuncture, reiki, shiatsu, bio field, faith healing, distance healing, polarity, therapeutic touch, sufi dancing, certain forms of meditation and yoga, etc. The practitioners of these techniques use different methods to heal. Some use ‘hands-on’ approach such as in acupuncture and faith healing, while other use ‘hands-off’ approach, such as in Reiki. Using these techniques, a healer improves the overall state of our being. We may need this therapy if we cope with depressions, fears, stress, confusion, fulfillment, illness or really anything. A healer may definitely help us; however the real power to heal is inside us. We have to have a strong faith in the whole process of our energy being channeled by our healer.

Basically, that is how the spiritual energy healing works.

Although no one knows exactly how spirituality and health are connected, there is obviously an extremely strong connection there. And understanding that connection is crucial for our health.