Useful Curtain Cleaning Tips

Your curtain is exposed to many elements that are why it doesn’t smell fresh every day. Aside from the dust, they also deal with cigarette smoke, the smoke you create while cooking, and other factors. Who doesn’t want to have curtains that have a fresh smell? If you wanted to make your draperies smell great and look brand new, here are the tips to consider

Hand-Wash Your Curtain

When hand washing your window curtain, make sure that you’re using mild laundry soap. Unlike strong detergent, mild soap can prevent your curtains to have any damage. You also need to check the concentration of the detergent before soaking your curtains in the water. If you’re washing thick fabric materials, use hand gloves to protect your hands from strong soap and bleaching.

Although hand washing your curtains sounds like a big chore, it is better than to risk. Some curtains get damaged because they shrink or it absorbs too many waters prolonging its drying time.

Cleaning Curtains in Washing Machine

This curtain cleaning option depends on the material of your curtains. This option works best with curtains made of lightweight materials because heavy materials will retain water. However, you need to give special attention to other materials like cotton that can shrink in hot water. Always make sure to check the label on your curtains before cleaning them. You can usually see it in the back.

Here are some other useful tips when cleaning your curtains using the machine.

  • Always use the ‘delicate cycle’ option of your washing machine. If you don’t have it, choose a cool wash with a slow spin
  • Normal laundry detergent would suffice
  • If your curtains have shrinking risks, hand wash them instead

Steam Cleaning Your Curtains

Investing in a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment will make cleaning curtains easier. This is the most convenient method of cleaning curtains made of heavy materials or curtains that are difficult to take down. Here are things you should remember when steam cleaning your curtains.

  • Start from the top of the curtain then make your way to the bottom
  • When you notice that your curtains are starting to become wet, hold your steam cleaner farther from the material
  • Always wear appropriate protective clothing and carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent burning yourself from the steam cleaner.

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