Vetting Your Wedding Photographer

The largest budget allocations in a wedding usually go to the venue, the dresses, food and not to forget the honeymoon. Sadly, the photographer is usually considered an unnecessary hassle. The reality is that wedding photography should rank high when allocating your budget as the cake cutting and wedding ceremony will come and go, but the pictures will last forever and the last thing you want is horrible pictures of your happiest day. Wedding photography has become a shady business. There are hundreds of amateur photographers charging couples exorbitant amounts only to under deliver, or not even deliver at all. To prevent this from happening, you should negotiate terms of payment and never release the full amount before you have received your album or videos.

You should also carefully study the photographers portfolio. Ensure that this portfolio includes all the negatives of each picture. In the age of Google, it’s easy enough for an unscrupulous individual to download and print some wedding photos to pass of as his/her work. High end wedding photography does cost a pretty penny, but the price comes with a quality assurance guarantee. Negotiate prices and see what you can omit to reach a price range that is comfortable for you. While doing this, please keep in mind that the wedding photographer will be around you all day, so ensure you like each other. Also let them know if you would like them to be dressed in a certain way on your big day.

Some photographers are in high demand and have two or three shoots scheduled consecutively throughout the day ensure that you ask the photographer that you plan to hire if this is the case. If they are going to another ceremony after yours, do not be late. If you are late and he has to leave, you will end up with no photos of your ceremony. You should also ask if the price quoted includes makeup.

It is also important that you discuss the type of wedding photography you would like for your big day. Some photographers will make your family and friends sit at a specific spot then call out, brothers, parents, sisters, and aunties etc, to each take a photo. This will result in pictures that are all basically similar, expect for the people in them. While some may not have a problem with this, others find it superfluous and would prefer some variety. Let the photographer know what you want. It is your day so you should not be shy about letting what you want be known. You will have these pictures for the rest of your life so it only makes sense that you like them.