What DIY Plumber needs?

Searching a good, skilled plumber in a nominal budget is a difficult task so it is better to get prepared and fasten your belt because you never know what challenges you might be facing soon. Having a toolbox to deal with basic repairs is not a bad idea at all. A basic plumber Brisbane toolbox can vary according to the specific usage; one can determine what tools are more important to him to have them on hand. Some of the recommended and most used tools for being a DIY plumber are as follows:

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• It’s always good to have a pair of needle-nose pliers on hand for tight spots and detail work. They can help you grasp on to the smallest parts without much difficulty.

• Suckers/pushers are the items which are essential at home whose rubber cups form a seal around the drain or toilet. Use a cup plunger to push clogs through sinks and tubs, use a flange plunger with a non-splash ball cup, for toilets. Use a bellows plunger when the other two pliers don’t work.

Locking pliers are used over an adjustable wrench. More or less they do the same job as above.

• Plumber tape or commonly known as Teflon tape is a must to have in your toolbox for making a good seal of faucets or showerheads and making less trouble.

• Closet Auger named as ‘water closet’ is a 3-foot plumbing tool which has a crank, handle, and flexible shaft that breaks and grabs troublesome toilet cracks.

• Hacksaw is a saw which cuts through metal pipe, hardware, nuts, or bolts. Keep blades tight in the frame, and keep extras on hand as it is very useful to just cut through anything.

• Basin wrench is designed to work in hard to reach places under sink.

• Caulk gum is used in installing ceramic sinks and repairing showers.

• Water pump pliers or channel locks are a right-angled pliers with serrated jaw can turn, hold, twist, or loosen nuts, bolts, fittings, and frozen parts.

Above mentioned tools were just for basic kind of plumbing work but if you get to face some advanced plumbing work then you must be needing some equipments which are as follows:

• For copper piping, soldering pipes are used .For its use first you should have the right tools and basic understanding of its usage. Right tools include tubing cutter, propane torch, fitting brush, flux, solder and copper fittings.