What Is A Family Law?

The Rules, Regulations and court procedures involving the family unit refer to a family law. Family Law also is known as matrimonial law include

o Marriage, domestic relationships
o Child abuse
o Adoption and Foster Care
o Divorce, property settlement, child custody and visitation, child support
o Parental Liability
o Reproductive Rights

Do you need a family law attorney or a lawyer?


In most of the issues related to the family, you need to resolve difficulties with perfect ideas. May need to consider the law points while solving emotional situations. So, it is recommended to appoint family law attorney from Brisbane when dealing with divorce, child support, and child custody matters etc. Lawyer’s charges will be high for collecting advice repeatedly. So, it is better to make available the service of an attorney.

The family law system in Australia helps the people to agree on the arrangements without going to the court. If you are likely to settle the issue outside the court, visit the family relationship online portal, or dial the toll-free number for family relationship advice. You will get referred to an attorney who will assist you in the overall process.

Related to the Family Law, Family Relationship Services programs are introduced. The primary aim of the program is to improve the well being of Australian families, especially the separated or who are at the risk of separating.

Family Relationships Services programs involve 3 different subprograms:

o Family Law System Projects
o Family law services
o Family Law Pathways Networks

The Attorney General is responsible for all the services of the programs. The purpose of these programs is generating funds for the above- specified services.

Family law services offer support and education for separated parents. The services are managed by the Department of Social Services.