Why Electrical Contractors And Not Handymen?

Why hire an electrical contractor when you could hire an electrician or a handyman on the side? This is a popular notion that you and I are familiar with. How sensible is this justification? Let’s analyze! Yes, it could be economical for your wallet to hire a handyman, but how could the same job be accomplished for two different costs? Here is why, indeed it is going to cost remarkably less for a handyman or a mere electrician who does not pay compensation insurance, unemployment taxes or product and liability insurance for the work they are doing for you under your roof.

It could seem the above charges are mere expenses the government imposes on the contractors. But they are charged to guarantee the safety of your home and to protect you, the client, of possible liabilities. What if the handyman you hired gets injured on the job? You will be held liable! Will you be willing to pay his medical bills? What if his sub-standard workmanship causes a fire in your home? Who will be held liable? Of course hiring unlicensed, untrained and uninsured electricians is taking an unnecessary risk as opposed to hiring the qualified, licensed, and insured electrical contractors.

The government imposes guidelines as to how you are supposed to set up cabling and electrical fittings in your homes according to AS/NZS 3000:2007 Electrical installations (the Wiring Rules). The electrical services provided by an electrician would need to abide by these codes. Unlike a moonlighting electrician, the electrical contractors you should rather be hiring, get themselves educated and trained regularly as per the law indicates. As a home or a business owner, it is always the cautious choice to obtain an electrical permit from your local jurisdiction stating the wiring in your home or business is installed up to code.

Let’s just assume you did hire a handyman, and sidestepped all the liabilities mentioned above. If you decide to put your house on the market and the potential buyers are needed to be informed by a home inspector, that the wiring is not done per code, ultimately devaluing the market price.

Notwithstanding the above, the safety of your family needs to be a prominent concern in considering electrical installations in your home. Brisbane electrical contractors are technically proficient, reputable and financially stable will ensure the safety and convenience you and your family or business needs to prevail in safety. Whether it is a new installation, an upgrade or a maintenance choose the practical option for your life.