Why Incorporate Animated Business Videos


Knowing that google is the most popular search engine today, every website owner should do their best to keep its requirements so that higher ranking will be accomplished. Yes, it is undeniable that every website owner aim for the approval of google’s algorithm in assessing their visibility ranking. It is because most of the time, an internet user will first do a search in google before deciding what site to focus or what site to get his resources from. And part of the google’s algorithm the amount of time spent by an internet user on a certain website to be considered when it comes to their ranking. This is where online videos come in. Yes, by incorporating online videos, an internet user that will check on it will be forced to stay in that site until he is done with the said video. But of course there are already a number of sites that are also incorporating online videos.

So, as the bottom line of every website owner is to generate more traffic and therefore beat the other websites, if you are one of the website owners, your goal should be is to incorporate an explainer video in an interesting manner. Thus animated business videos become a strong contender. Here are the reasons why:

  • Aside from the fact that animated business videos can entice a visitor to stay longer in your site, it will also increase conversion rates. According to statistics, most consumers are more convinced to purchase a certain product after checking out videos explaining the said product. Aside from that, you can also tract those viewers that become your customers through the explainer videos.
  • In business, every second matters a lot thus they say that time is money and it is also for the same reason that you should incorporate animated videos. Through explainer animated videos, your business will be relayed in an artistic manner in just a few seconds. Yes, artistic manner is very much important so that the viewer will not leave the video even when he is still not done. Take note that you are not the only one with this type of videos and this is also another reason for you to choose the video company well.

Yes, the choice of a video company is very important in this aspect and if you are in the manner of scouting for one right now, you can try checking Explanimate. Why Explanimate? Explanimate provide incredible animated videos for corporate clients in Brisbane and Australia Wide using the latest technology at affordable prices. They can provide you the kind of animated videos that can really get through your potential visitors. They have been in this business for a long time already more than enough to prove their prowess. They will not only try their best to provide a video that is entertaining and engaging, but most of all, their videos are done in such a way that they will be motivated to make a change and choose your business instead. Indeed they know how to manipulate the viewers so that they will end up becoming your actual customers.