Why install whirlybirds?

Ventilation is one of the most important things of a house because it affects the air quality inside of it. If you neglect this it will not affect just the air but also can cause a lot of other problems. So if you plan to move into a new house make sure you check the ventilation to ensure everything is just fine.

Whirlybirds, what are they and why should we use them?

Most of the people these days will opt for turbine vents, known as Whirlybirds, they are some semi-mechanical ventilation system that is installed on the roof of the building or house to eliminate the heat from the ceiling cavity. There are two types of whirlybirds, active and passive. The passive one operates just in the wind to spin the turbine and the active ones are mechanically driven so they will rotate all the time to create a permanent vacuum.

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If you have ventilation problems, it can cause a lot of issues. For example, the temperature in the attic can go up to 60°C in the summer because the heat is not able to get out from under the roof and it will go downwards into the house, and it can cause inconveniences and it will put pressure on the air-conditioners. More than 45% of the cooling is lost through the roof. Another issue that can occur is that the moisture stays inside, and it will cause mold or mildew.

Because a storm is unpredictable, it can rain or snow from any direction, and that can enter into your attic during the storm. But if you don’t have proper ventilation in your attic the air pulled from the attic ventilations is insufficient so it will pull the rain instead of pushing it out. The quality of the roofs will be compromised because the shingles will worsen faster than they should have if the attic were proper ventilated. More and more shingle manufacturers won’t provide warranties if the shingles are set up over attics that don’t have proper ventilation.

There is a debate regarding the efficiency of the whirlybirds, but it was shown that they are quite effective and that is why most of the contractors are recommending them. Just make sure you talk to a professional before buying such as device.

By choosing whirlybird installation, your bills will not be huge anymore. Instead of decreasing the bills in the summer some of the homeowners have to pay up utility bills of huge sums. The air-conditioner will consume more electricity. Having a whirlybird installation will ensure that the air quality will remain normal, so your utilities will not be overused.

You will have a greener home. The whirlybird ventilation will work non-stop, but they will not emit toxic gasses or chemicals which make them more environment-friendly. Consult the whilyrbird Brisbane for this matter.

You should also know that whirlybirds will match all kinds of roofing. So make sure you will have a whirlybird installation to make your house greener and more adequate to living.