Why Should We Do Timber Floor Polishing

A lot of people prefer wooden floors than tiles or any other different type of flooring at home. They choose wooden flooring for its comfortable, attractive and warm distinctive attribute. But it will not be looking the same as the first time it was installed at home over time. The quality and appearance diminishes if it is not maintained or cleaned well. As time flies by, the wooden flooring’s color, texture, shine, and look will be different from before. This problem can be solved with the technique of wooden floor polishing.

This technique is one of the best ways to keep wooden flooring looking brand new, making it durable and more long-lasting in the long run. The wooden floor polishing applies to any type of wood especially timber floors. The great thing about timber floors is that they do not require much excessive cleaning. Though it is unavoidable that people use harmful chemicals in cleaning their timber flooring. Without knowing the proper solutions to use with timber floors, the floor would result to fading and scratches.

There are many damages that could happen on the floor such as: scratches from fallen objects, stains from beverages and fading of color from harmful cleaning chemicals that is not for wooden floors. The best method to take is to apply the technique of polishing the wooden flooring. Scratches and stains will be gone and the timber flooring’s color will be restored again to its original color. The timber wood will look elegant and unique making it a huge asset at home. The process of timber floor polishing involves sanding and polishing with careful precision. In the sanding process, a floor sander and an edge sander is needed when dealing with timber floors.

The edge sander is used to reach the edges of the floor. In the polishing process, there are many finishing types to choose from such as: matte, semi-gloss or gloss finishes. It is applied generously on timber flooring to cover imperfections or give the floor an attractive look. The coat will be applied three times on the floor and it dries after 8 hours. This process takes approximately three days to finish and avoid stepping on the floor to have the best results.

The whole process is time-consuming and tedious but it is necessary to maintain the timber flooring at home for durability and endurance of the floor’s quality.

It gives the home a more hygienic environment to step onto without the fear of bacteria or dirt lurking on the floor. Even other flooring materials such as stone or tiles are easier to maintain and clean every day, it does not offer the same feature of warmth and feel unlike the timber or wooden flooring. Having timber floor polishing service from Melbourne is better because it is less costly, than refitting a carpet and doubling the maintenance of both. This becomes a great investment to consider because timber floors are not only attractive but functional with its quality.