Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Your website is probably great on its own. But, how to tell people about it? How to drive traffic to your site?

Are you using any form of digital marketing strategy? Back in 2012, around two-thirds to three-fourths did not use any digital marketing yet. As of 2016, the statistics of those not using this digital plan has dropped to 44%. While the percentage has dropped, it points out that there are many who are still without any digital strategy.

So now the real question is, why should you invest in digital marketing? Read on to find out.

  1. Your competitors have the upper hand.

How so? If you are still sticking to the old methods and going by the common approach, then your competitor is most likely hogging your market share! Be it the long-time competition or the start-up ones, if you don’t rise up to the challenge soon, pretty much you’ll be eating their digital dust.

  1. You remain clueless regarding your market share.

If you were asked, what is your current market share? Knowing your target group is not enough. In the digital world, the variety of customer profiles, marketing competitions, user behaviour and the like is vastly different. Do not expect the traditional communication channels to work its charm.

  1. You are without direction.

Without any form of digital strategy, you are without any clear goal. Think SMART. What is it that you want to achieve online? What resources will you be using? How will you evaluate your statistics and progress? Most importantly, how will you gain new customers or clients?

  1. You are clueless about your online clients.

Feedback is the key. If you don’t enable your customers to send you their feedbacks online, you’ll struggle with improving your website. Reach out to them. This is what’s digital marketing is for.

  1. You do not allot enough people or budget to marketing.

While the effects of marketing may not manifest soon enough, soon your customer base will expand. Furthermore, hire or assign a specialist in digital marketing so your business can compete with others on even ground. If not, well just read number 1 again.

  1. You are losing valuable time and money.

Maybe you are thinking that having a digital plan is the one that’s a waste of time, effort and money. It is actually the opposite.

  1. You can not adapt fast enough.

This brings us back to number 1. Just try searching for widely used online platforms. Search for Amazon, Etsy, Google and such. They are all at the top of their game because they evolve with the times. It is the age of the technology-savvy already. Don’t be left behind.

  1. You miss your chance for optimization.

What is optimization? It is a process of enhancing your website by improving on features like email subscriptions, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Now, revamp your site with digital marketing and see the difference.

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